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The Company’s history

  • The Company develops and markets ALFAVIT – the first in the world multivitamin supplement, created into account scientific recommendations on separate and combined reception of nutrient. The patent for ALFAVIT is owned by AKVION.
  • The first Russian preparation of coenzyme Q10 for cardiology – Qudesan is developed and brought to the market.
  • Applications to patent the ALFAVIT in Europe, USA, Japan and Korea were submitted.
  • Clinical trials of Qudesan and Vetoron in cardiology and pediatrics have begun.
  • Testing of the Vision corrective system Focus composition was started.
  • ALFAVIT Mother’s health – a multivitamin complex for pregnant and lactating women is released. This preparation started the ALFAVIT product line.
  • The promotion of our products is advanced among professionals (pharmacists and physicians). For this purpose, the company organizes the work of medical representatives.
  • ALFAVIT is recognized as the most popular complex in Russia, according to the results of monitoring conducted by the marketing company COMCON-Pharma.
  • A new product – Vision corrective system Focus is released.
  • In ALFAVIT series complexes ALFAVIT Diabetes and ALFAVIT School were issued. So there were opened special line and "baby trend".
  • The company acquires a personal production site – pharmaceutical plant Vneshtorg Pharma. It makes possible to concentrate production of all pharmaceutical products at one enterprise.
  • The company is actively promoted in foreign markets.
  • AKVION acquires exclusive rights for distribution of Olbas Oil from British company “G.R. Lane Health Products Ltd”.
  • A innovative nutricosmetical preparation Quten, a source of coenzyme Q10 is developed.
  • The company develops and releases Karnitone preparation to the market. Karnitone is a source of L-carnitine, which normalizes cell energy metabolism.
  • The number of ALFAVIT consumers reaches 5 millions.
  • Multivitamin complexes ALFAVIT Kindergarten and ALFAVIT School are recognized as brand-leaders (super-brands) of the Russian market of goods and service for children.
  • For the third consecutive year, ALFAVIT is ranked first in the category "Vitamins", according to a study “Trusted brand” by Reader's Digest magazine.
  • Qudesan and Vetoron are registered as medicines. Experimental promotion of Qudesan as medicine started.
  • ALFAVIT won first prize in the field of health promotion and quality of life «Health Idea» («The idea of health").
  • AKVION finished 107-th in the TOP of 250 largest advertisers in Russia.
  • The license for the production of dosage forms of packaging production was obtained.
  • The record number of new products released: ALFAVIT Our baby, ALFAVIT Teenager, ALFAVIT In the season of colds, ALFAVIT Men, ALFAVIT Energy, Qudesan with Potassium and Magnesium, Focus Forte, Oil Breathe.
  • The system of customer relationship management (CRM) is implemented in the Department of Medical representatives. The system designed to increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service.
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